What adaptogens are inside a bottle of ọṅụ ?
August 21, 2020

Every bottle of ọṅụ hemp infused tea contains 20 MG of high quality hemp CBD isolate and a base of organic and fair trade green tea. But did you know our teas are also blended with 6 different organic adaptogens?

But what are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are incredible herbs that help your body regulate its response to stress and fatigue at a molecular level.

Here’s what the National Institite of Health says:  “Studies on animals and isolated neuronal cells have revealed that adaptogens exhibit neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, antidepressive, anxiolytic, nootropic and CNS stimulating activity. In addition, a number of clinical trials demonstrate that adaptogens exert an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental work capacity against a background of stress and fatigue, particularly in tolerance to mental exhaustion and enhanced attention.”

Wich adaptogens are in ọṅụ hemp infused teas?

Each bottle of ọṅụ tea contains 20 mg of hemp extract, but we didn’t stop there! Every flavor of ọṅụ is packed with a unique suite of organic adaptogens like:

  • organic reishi mushroom
  • organic ashwagandha
  • organic guarana
  • organic goldenberry
  • organic amla
  • organic & fair trade green tea
  • organic cat’s claw vine