ỌṄỤ Plants a tree for every order placed on its website!
January 22, 2020

The company is partnering with the Seguin Foundation to plant and care for trees until the trees are ready to survive on their own. PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: JAN 22, 2020

MIAMI, January 22, 2020 – ỌṄỤ, an environmentally conscious hemp, and wellness company, has announced its commitment to plant and care for a tree for every website order. ỌṄỤ has partnered with the Seguin Foundation, a 15-year-old pillar in Haiti’s reforestation efforts. Through the partnership, ỌṄỤ is able to plant and protect trees for three years until the trees are fully autonomous and ready to survive on their own.

“We wanted to find a way not only to give back as a company but to help our customers give back, too,” said Loïc Jasmin, Co-Founder of ỌṄỤ. “Our company’s mission is to help people find their joy. We believe there’s no greater joy than to contribute to something meaningful that benefits the environment. We are pleased to have been able to partner with such an incredible organization to make this happen!”

ỌṄỤ manufactures premium, hemp-infused beverages, which are packaged in glass bottles. The product line includes three flagship teas infused with 20 mg of hemp extract, green tea, and organic super-functionals like ashwagandha, amla, reishi mushroom, and more. ỌṄỤ teas are available in three delicious flavors including peaceful peach, laid back lemon, and tropical chill.

ỌṄỤ also manufactures a number of hemp-infused products including a shot for relaxation infused with 25 mg of hemp extract and melatonin and chamomile and a shot for focus infused with ginger and ginseng. In addition, the website also has premium oils, soft gels, and gummies.

All ỌṄỤ products display a scannable QR code that links to the appropriate COAs, so customers know they are getting high-quality, lab-tested hemp extract.

The word ỌṄỤ means joy in Igbo, a language primarily spoken in southeastern Nigeria. The name fits the company’s mission to help people find their joy. In addition to the products offered, the ONU team also organizes yoga events, talks on meditation, round-tables on health and wellness, and a myriad of events and experiences all designed to help people find their ỌṄỤ.

ỌṄỤ drinks are available both in stores and online where shipping is free nationwide. For more information and to make a website purchase, visit theonu.com.

About ỌṄỤ

ỌṄỤ manufactures high-quality beverages, oils, gummies and soft gels infused with premium hemp extract and functional ingredients. To reach the ỌṄỤ team, email [email protected]